The flagship service of d2decisions allows you to create a financial model for a startup based on the calculation of product unit economics, modeled using Goldratt's theory of constraints.

The service, based on author Daniel Khanin's concept, holds that the team responsible for creating the product manages internal business processes. These processes can be digitized through product metrics, which, via the metrics tree, are linked to unit economics. Goldratt's theory of constraints helps identify growth points—metrics that, with minimal improvement, yield the greatest contribution to the product's economy. This, in turn, enables the identification of the optimal configuration of unit-economic metrics needed for the project to achieve specified financial indicators, such as the required level of marginal profit over a given period, such as three years.

The current major version of the product is 10. The product's development history can be found on the official website of the service. Over 8000 users are already utilizing ueCalc to calculate unit economics and create their financial models.