Daniel Khanin history


Entrepreneur, founder and CEO of d2decisions, a company producing financial modelling solutions for startups based on unit economics and Goldratt's theory of constraints. Our main product is ueCalc.com.

Leading expert in the field of unit economics. Author of methods for creating, calculating and implementing models in business.

Since 1998 I have been working in the field of internet business, during this time I created, developed and sold: advertising agency Webreklama (2005—2013), advertising holding МеХа (2013—2018), personalisation service for e-commerce Crossss (2012—2014).

I also launched about 20 unsuccessful projects, such as a directory, news portals, map service, taxi calling service, civic initiatives service, several online shops.

I am a mentor of a number of startups Rentmania.com, Remobil and Irondeer.

In 2022, I joined Sber's team to study user experience to introduce Data Driven approach to the e-commerce industry.

In 2023, wrote the first book entirely dedicated to unit economics and its application in business to solve management problems.